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Buying a Vehicle at Auction


Our Online Auction Process


Create Account

Registering with us is free and allows you to save items, sign up for reminders, and place bids. You don't need an account to browse auction inventory.


Browse & Inspect

We release inventory one week prior to the close of the auction. During this time, you can browse the auction's online catalog or come to the lot to inspect any vehicles you might be interested in.


Place Your Bids

When the auction is live, you may bid on any items. (Be sure to enable email and text alerts to be notified if you've been outbid.) If you win your auction, you'll be notified to finalize payment.


Pick-up or Ship

Contact our purchase team to arrange for pick-up or delivery of your vehicle.

Getting Started with Our Online Auctions

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Anyone can browse our online auto auctions, but you'll need to create a free account in our system to save favorites, get auction notifications, and place bids.

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How to Bid in an Online Auction

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Our Test Drive Process

While we don't allow for test drives of our auctioned vehicles before purchase, each of our vehicles goes through a test drive process with our team to ensure it is working as expected.

We welcome you to visit our lot with or without a professional mechanic on the Monday or Tuesday prior to auction to inspect the vehicle. Each vehicle is sold as-is.

Questions? Contact Us

Below is a list of items we do and do not check for during our 1.5 mile test drive.

Our Responsibility

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Steering
  • Brakes

Your Responsibility

  • Cosmetic Imperfections
  • Leaks
  • Features & Accessories
  • Lights
  • Glass

Please Note: We have different expectations on a 250,000 miles Ford Explorer than a 40,000 mile Ford Explorer. We are checking for the normal and expected operating of these vehicles based on their age and mileage.


Buyer FAQs

Please review our FAQs and get in touch with us if you have additional questions.

Do I need a dealer's license or business license to buy at your auctions?

Anyone 18 years of age and older can participate as a buyer at our auctions. You will need a valid state-issued driver's license in order to have the vehicle titled in your name.

Does it cost anything to sign up? Is there a membership fee?

Signing up is free! There is no membership fee. You will only be charged once you win a vehicle.

Can I retract my bid?

All bids are binding once placed. Please bid carefully.

Do these vehicles run and drive?

All vehicles run and drive as expected unless otherwise noted. We take each vehicle on a test drive. If we discover an issue with the engine, transmission, steering or brakes, we will note that under Lot Details.

Do these vehicles still have a loan or lien on them?

All loans and liens will be satisfied prior to auction and you will receive clear title.

Do these vehicles have clean titles?

Any vehicle with a branded title will be listed as such in the Lot Details page. For example, it may say ***Salvage Title***.

What is a reserve?

Some vehicles will be sold subject to reaching a reserve price. We work with our sellers to find the auction value and then set the reserve at or below auction value.

What does No Minimum, No Reserve mean?

Vehicles identified as selling No Minimum, No Reserve sell to the highest bidder, regardless of price.

Can I see photos of the interior?

We will provide exterior and interior photos of each car. If the car is listed without interior photos, that simply means it is at detail and interior photos will be uploaded once the car arrives back from detail.

Do you give me the title to the car I purchase?

If you are a Washington State resident, we complete the Application for Title on your behalf. The State of Washington will then send you your title within 45-60 days. If you are from out of state, we will mail you the title approximately 21 days after payment has been finalized.

Can I view the vehicles in person?

Yes. We offer in-preview prior to auction. Click the Preview icon at the top of the catalog to list preview times.

You have a vehicle listed with 107,000 TMU miles.  What does TMU mean?
On vehicles where there is a discrepancy between the mileage shown on the odometer and in the AutoCheck report, we report the miles as "True Miles Unknown" because of the discrepancy.