Bidder Guide

You found our website and are interested

in purchasing an item. What's Next?

Before engaging, we ask you to carefully review the published information (Preview, Terms, Description) regarding the auction in which you are interested.
If you have any questions about the auction or any of the items in the auction, you should contact the listed sales representative located in the auction, or contact us.
On many occasions, we offer a preview time before the auction. The preview time is typically a day before or of the sale day and allows you to visit the sale location, inspect the item and ask questions of our representatives. If we do not offer a preview, you may still be able to inspect the equipment by contacting the listed sales representative, or our office.


Once the auction gets closer the Items offered at all of our auctions have a lot number sticker affixed to them. The lot numbers begin with a number and work through in numerical order. In a Live & Online auction we sell in numerical order at an average pace of 40 lots per hour. If you are interested in lot half way through a 80 lot auction , it will be approximately be an hour before we get to the lot.
If you want a better understanding of how it works view our video here.

Online Only Auctions

If the auction is set up as an online bidding only auction, this means bids can only be placed online.